Core Global Development Pipeline of ONO

Product Name Mechanism Target Disease Development Stage Country /
1 2 3 Filing Approval
ONO-4059 BTK inhibitor Primary central nervous system lymphoma           US In-house
Pemphigus           JP
Generalized scleroderma           JP
ONO-7475 Axl/Mer inhibitor Acute leukemia           US In-house
Solid tumor           JP
Non-small cell lung cancer           JP
ONO-2910 Enhancement of Schwann cell differentiation Peripheral nerve disorder           JP In-house
ONO-4578 PG receptor (EP4) antagonist Solid tumor・Gastric cancer           JP In-house
Colorectal cancer           JP
Pancreatic cancer           JP
Non-small cell lung cancer           JP
ONO-2808 S1P5 receptor agonist Neurodegenerative disease           JP・EU In-house
ONO-7684 FXla inhibitor Thrombosis           EU In-house
ONO-4685 PD-1 x CD3 bispecific antibody Autoimmune disease           JP In-house
ONO-2909 PG receptor (DP1) antagonist Narcolepsy           JP In-house

As of 26 July, 2021